Credit: The Historic New Orleans Collection, accession no 1979.325. 6012

Located in the French Quarter at 600 Decatur Street, Jax Beer has become a trademark of historic New Orleans. Although it is no longer a functioning brewery, Jackson brewery features shops, and restaurants. The brewery opened in 1890, when local brews were very popular in the city. Jax was one of about thirty different locally owned and run breweries. In the late 1800s, Jackson brewery was the largest independent brewery in the south and the tenth largest in the nation.

During prohibition, like many other breweries, Jackson brewery stopped producing traditional beer. They stayed open brewing other beverages such as “nearbeer” and “rootbeer, and they” operated under the name “Jackson Pure Products.” In the 1950’s, Jackson brewery headquarters relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, and by 1974 Jax Brewery closed all together.

Credit: The Historic New Orleans Collection, accession no 1979.325.2923

During its time in New Orleans, Jax produced several different beers. Some of these include: Jax Beer (1933-1974), Sabana Beer (1934-1974), Jax Bock (1938-1969), 4X Beer (1940-1946), Tex Beer (1955-1974), and Jax Draft (1965-1970 Jackson Brewery stayed open in New Orleans for 83 years before closing its French Quarter facility.

After closing in the mid-1970s, the building endured a lot of damage to the structure so a lot of rebuilding was needed to make it safe. The remodeled shopping center still features the red sign that reads “Home of JAX Beer” for many to remember the beer that was brewed in the heart of the city for nearly 100 years.

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