Credit: The Historic New Orleans Collection, accession no 1979.325.5491

Dixie Brewery opened in 1907 in Mid-City on Tulane Avenue.  It is seen as the “last remaining survivor of New Orleans’ once flourishing brewery industry.”

Valentine Merz started Dixie Brewing Company.  Originally the president of Jackson Brewing Company, Merz was then appointed president of the brand-new Dixie Brewing Company in 1906

The company thrived until Prohibition, when they had to change their business and name to “Dixie Beverage Company.”  When alcohol became legal again, competition in the New Orleans area drove out many competitors and made business hard on the Dixie Company.

New owners filed for Bankruptcy in 1989 and got a fresh start—they came up with a new line of specialty beers, which includes:  Dixie Jazz, Blackened Voodoo and Crimson Voodoo..  The company continued to grow after that point.

After Hurricane Katrina, the Dixie Brewing Company was left destroyed, but still standing.  During the first couple of months after the storm, the building was looted and a lot of the expensive brewing equipment was stolen.  The company had announced that they would rebuild and begin brewing in New Orleans again; the building has still not been restored. The beer is brewed under contract by a Wisconsin brewery.

Credit: http://distinguished-brands.com