Beer Manufacturing in New Orleans

The beer-making industry began to flourish in New Orleans in the 1870s.  The Germans quickly dominated the industry, just as they had earlier established control over the bread baking industry.

The large number of Germans who immigrated to New Orleans during the mid-1800s created a thriving new industry that Germans owned and operated.  The beer brewing industry also included the distribution of beer products throughout the city and much of the South.

The Germans made smart business moves within the city.  To ensure the sale of their beer, the breweries bought up “suitable” properties for their bars, saloons, and restaurants.  The industry allowed many German workers to succeed.  Hundreds of Germans found employment in this trade as beer makers, platform workers, drivers, salesmen, drummers, barkeepers, and ordinary laborers.

The Columbia Brewery, one of the first German-owned breweries, was located on Elysian Fields near the French Quarter. The Brewery catered to “the common man.” Visit the Columbia Brewery exhibit to learn more.

Current Beer Spots in New Orleans



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